(AKA Enjoy Your Marbles)

A Casual ffxiv static or something


We are a FFXIV static and idol group I guess

the roster

- Zezera Zera (Odin) everything other than BRD but currently PLD
Angy lalafell. Top DPS without slidecasting. Even as Tank (?)
- Ed Helios (Odin) DRK
Has two jobs.
- G'yozah Tia (Odin) WHM/AST
Blood for the Blood Lily. Serial Yeeter.
- Miyu Edelfelt (Phoenix) SCH/SGE
4 Vuln Stacks won't put us off. Miyuderer.
DPS- Jade Utsukushi-sa (Phoenix) RPR
Be catgirl, do crime! (also: foodcheck)
- Mik'ha Relanah (Odin) DNC
Started as RDM. Left and came back as SCH.
Recently attained glorious final (?) form as DNC.

- Gogomi Gomi (Odin) RDM/WAR
Lalafell with only one brain cell.
Victim of a Problematic Controller.

- Vincent God (Phoenix) SMN/MNK

Previous Members
- Chiron Calabriae WAR
Static Dad. Just discovered glamours.
- Azura Fleur RDM
Alphinaud's girlfriend.
- Suu Larion SAM
Ex raid leader.
- Blue Law GNB
Didn't think we were that bad.
- Sir Ramos SCH
Mysteriously Vanished.
- Alwin Sharik PLD/GNB
Definitely innocent: bringer of beans.
- Eris Xadia DNC
Founder of the Bonk.
- Komiji Vilgerfell AST
Dearly beloved and never forgotten.
see here for details

Friends & Victims
- Rusoka Ulasirri AST
Highlander lady in taffeta shawl. (Dis)Respects Content.
- Rinh Montrei-Vayir RDM
Had time one evening to help.

Testimonials & Quotes

"DYING IS IMPORTANT" - Chiron Calabriae

"The balls.. they touched... oh my god they touched" - Gogomi Gomi"Pop your balls on the D" - G'yozah Tia"Who needs health anyway?" - G'yozah Tia"Tits out for ifrit" - Azura Fleur"Hey gyoz, can I have some weed?" - Mik'ha Relanah"You miyurdered us" - Zezera Zera"Ryne is into feet????" - Gogomi Gomi"10/10 i dont even need to join raid then :o
just photoshop me into the party" - Ed Helios
"In conclusion: pufferfish manifesto says 🚫NO TO BLOOD🚫" - Mik'ha Relanah"I think letting ppl bleed a little isn't a problem" - G'yozah Tia"And that was definitely a Living Dead kind of Situation" - G'yozah Tia"What is a Suu?" - Chiron Calabriae"The raid went wrong bc of titties" - Mik'ha Relanah"I apologise for my toes" - G'yozah Tia"Suu. less jumping more eating" - Blue Law"IS AUTO-CANNIBALISM VEGAN?"- Zezera Zera"I think Gog is asking why we are talking about cannibalism but she isn't the instigator" - G'yozah Tia"Titan sat on my face and Broke my Neck" - Rusoka Ulasirri"I do love how this group commits to the most cursed of pulls" - Zezera Zera"It wasn't that bad" - Blue Law"Are you guys talking about food AGAIN?" - Sir Ramos"WE CAN BE GOOD PLAYERS SOMETIMES" - Mik'ha Relanah"BEAR BEER!!" - Chiron Calabriae"Stop Breathing." - Blue LawSTATIC WARNING: DO NOT INVITE GOGOMI'S NEW'CONTROLLER TO YOUR RAID GROUP: PLEASE SEE CALLOUT DOC FOR MORE DETAILS!!!

Screenshots by gogomi, zera, ed, ruso, miyu and g'yozah so far, more to come...


by gogomi gomi / g0g0mi

by zezera zera / zeraffxiv

by eris xadia / catnotfound


By Chiron Calabriae

By Ed Helios

By Miyu Edelfelt

By Zezera Zera


By Jade Utsukushi-sa

By Miyu Edelfelt

By Ed Helios

By Ed Helios and Zezera Zera


[CHICHIRA]Subgroup formed of Chiron Calabriae & Zezera Zera.Genre: Kawaii MetalDebut single: Stuffed With Buffs

[GOG & GOG]Subgroup formed of Tokoyami Kurouto & Gogomi GomiGenre: Dubstep RemixDebut Single: Snow Lalation

[GODZA]Subgroup formed of G'yozah Tia and Vincent GodGenre: Visual Kei Parody

[MOONCAT GANG]Subgroup formed of Miyu Edelfelt and Mik'ha RelanahGenre: TBC

bingo cards

[UWU bingo]